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Pakistan Travel- Information about pakistan travelPakistan is popular destination for traveler, trekkers and mountaineers where visitor enjoy beautiful Himalayan scenery including the K2 2nd Highest mountain in the world, landscape, lush valleys and green forest and cultural heritage. Pakistan, officially Islamic Republic of Pakistan, republic in South Asia, marking the area where South Asia converges with Southwest Asia and Central Asia. Pakistan is situated between latitude 24 and 37 degrees North and longitude 62 and 75 degrees East. The country borders Iran on the west, India in the east, Afghanistan in the north-west, China in the north and the Arabian Sea on the south. The capital of Pakistan is Islamabad; Karachi is the country's largest city. The official name of Pakistan was used after the partition of (British) India into the 2 states of India and Pakistan in 1947.Northern areas of Pakistan are blessed with some of the worlds most rugged and splendid mountain scenery. This vast land of eternal snow is the abode of five of the worlds major 8, 000 meter peaks. K-2 pronounced as (Chogori) in Balti language is the jewel of the Karakoram range. Towards the western Himalaya lies Nanga Parbat the worlds ninth highest. Even today, these mountains are less well explored and mapped than other comparable mountain regions, and many peaks over 6000 meters remain unnamed and unclimbed. Not only does this region posses lofty mountains but some of the worlds longest glaciers outside the polar region. Since Pakistan has been open for traveler /visitor , Himalaya Journey Treks & expedition, Nepal has depth experience to operate all kind adventure package trip, Pakistan trekking , mountaineering in Pakistan and cultural tours .

Pakistan travel general information

Country Name: Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Capital: Islamabad

Location: It is bounded by Iran in the west, Afghanistan in the north-west, India in the east and south east and Arabian Sea in the south

Total Area: 796,095 square kilometers

Population: 132.35 million, 162,420,000 (1998)

Traveling in Pakistan By Air:
More than 25 airlines fly to Pakistan from over 40 countries. Most of the flights arrive at Karachi, but PIA, British Airways, Emirates, Saudia and China Xinjiang Airlines fly direct to the twin cities of Rawalpindi/Islamabad. PIA, Indian airlines, Saudia and Thai Airways fly direct to Lahore. Pakistan International (PIA) has direct flights from the main Mediterranean and European cities, as well as from New York, Toronto and Nairobi. It also runs a Far East Network from Tokyo, Beijing, Jakarta, Singapur, Kuala Lampur and Bangkok. PIA has also flights to Tashkent from Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar and Karachi while another Pakistani Airline, Aero Asia has a weekly flight between Karachi, Bishkek and Dubai.

Traveling in Pakistan By Land :

From China:
The Khunjrab Pass is open from 1st May to 31st October for groups and to 15th November for individual tourists. Customs, immigration post shall remain open daily from 08:30 to 11:00 for outgoing travelers and upto 16:00 for incoming tourists. Travel time from Sost to Taxkurgan is 05hrs (220 kms). The Chinese border post, Taxkurgan is open 12:00 noon to 14:00 for outgoing tourists and upto 19:00 for incoming travelers.

From India:
Wagha is the only Land border open between Pakistan and India. The Wagha border post open daily for foreigners; summer (18 April to 15 October) 08:30 to 14:30 hrs and winter (16th October to 15th April) 09:00 to 15:00 hrs. Minibus No. 12 leaves from outside Lahore Railway Station for Wagha every fifteen minutes, cost approximately US $ 0.20 per person. Taxi shall charge around US $ 8 for this half an hour journey.

Tropical Climatically, Pakistan enjoys a considerable measure of variety. North and north western high mountainous ranges are extremely cold in winter while the summer months of April to September are very pleasant. The plains of the Indus valley are extremely hot in summer with cold and dry weather in winter. The coastal strip in the South has a moderate climate. There is a general deficiency of rainfall. In the plains annual average ranges from 16 centimeters in the northern parts of lower Indus plain to 120 centimeters in the Himalayan region. Rains are monsoonal in origin and fall late in summers. Due to the rainfall and high diurnal range of temperature, humidity is comparatively low.

Religiously Pakistan is an Islamic country where 96.28 % of population prays towards Makkah. Christians are 1.95% of the population whereas Hindus are 1.60% and schedule Hindus represent 0.25%. Qadiyanis have relatively small community with only 0.22% representing the new religion. Others are 0.07% which includes Sikhs and other religious communities.

Urdu is the national language and is used as a medium of understanding throughout the country. Pakistan is culturally divided into four bilingual provinces. Punjabi is spoken in the Punjab, Sindhi in Sindh, Pashto in NWFP, and Balochi in Balochistan

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