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Bhutan ToursBhutan, the land of the peaceful thunder dragon is known to the world by several names such as the 'the Last Shangri-La' or 'the Last Place on the Roof of the World.' Though the original name from the time of Marco Polo was 'Bootan,' the natives prefer to call their country 'Druk Yul,' or the Land of the Peaceful Thunder Dragon .The   Kingdom of Bhutan is a landlocked nation in South Asia. It is located amidst the eastern end of the Himalaya Mountains and is bordered to the south, east and west by India and to the north by Tibet, China. Bhutan is a land of remarkable natural beauty with a pristine and intact environment and a friendly, tradition-bound people. Magical kingdom Bhutan is also known as "The Land of Peaceful Thunder Dragon".  Bhutan is a 47,000 sq km Buddhist Kingdom tucked away in the depth of the Eastern Himalayas. It is a fairy tale world that still remains unfettered by the dizzying advances of time. Popularly dubbed the "Last Shangri-La" this is the land of mighty fortresses, lofty peaks, cascading waterfalls and sparkling streams. It holds many surprises and a visit to the country is a splendid adventure in Bhutan.

Bhutan is a sanctuary of magnificent scenery in the heart of Himalayas. The country's history stretches back to the origins of Buddhism and its spiritually rich people are enterprising, Pragmatic and delightfully humorous. They live in harmony with nature and have evolved a unique identity' derived largely from a religious and cultural heritage.

Bhutan can be divided into three geographic regions. The highest mountains in the country, the Great Himalayas, are near the northern and western borders, and they reach heights of approximately 7,550 meters. HJT offers all kind of Bhutan Himalaya trekking around the year with appropriate  schedule .As the mountains gradually decrease in height, they extend southward and become the high forested hills and valleys of the Inner Himalayas. The districts in this central region contain Bhutan's largest towns, and altitudes in this area range from about 1,100 meters to 3,750 meters. The altitude of Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan, is about 2,300 meters. The foothills of the Himalayas lie in southern Bhutan. This region is mostly semitropical forest and bamboo jungle, and the altitudes range from about 300 meters to 1,350 meters. The weather is cold and clear during the winter months, and it often snows in Thimphu. The temperature in Thimphu ranges from about 0 degrees celcius in January to 25 degrees Celsius in July. It is warmer and more tropical in the southern plains near the Indian border than it is in the higher central regions, thus the winters tend to be warmer. It snows year-round in the Great Himalaya areas at the western and northern borders.

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